Basketball Yoga Blast a workout routine that could be the revolution of your lifetime: 

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Could this be your new workout routine? 


What is all the hype about? 


If you are not completely... obliviously stuck in the dark ages, then chances are you have heard of the new fitness sensation “Basketball Yoga Blast. But what exactly is it and why Basketball and Yoga? In the following we are going to find out.  


Its Beginning 


Several months ago, this fitness sensation came on the scene, almost like a thief in the night. Touting the wonders of combining both basketball and yoga. Which to most probably seems a little odd, but the truth is that some of the top NBA players in the past and present have combined the two and remained top contenders in the sport for years.  

Such is the case with co-founders and creators of Basketball Yoga Blast, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and Blake Griffin... 


Having shared this with teammates the trio decided to share this concept with the world, especially those middle aged who are desiring to revolutionize their lives, live healthier and feel better.  That is what they accomplished when they combined the sport of basketball and the discipline of yoga. Having successfully combined these two activities, they have created what some are calling, the “fitness routine of the 21st century.” 


Basketball and its health benefits 


The benefits of basketball from a fitness standpoint are not a state secret. In fact, they are fairly well known among fitness enthusiasts. So, it's not too hard to guess why someone looking to get into shape would choose to play basketball as a form of great exercise. When one looks at it from the purely beneficial standpoint regarding health benefits, it's truly hard to beat.    


A number of websites including Better health , Health Line  and even WebMD tell of the wonders of health benefits associated with the sport. With health benefits including everything from burning calories to reducing some of the more severe Covid 19 symptoms, basketball is truly hard to beat. Especially considering just the cursory list below of benefits.  



If one adds to this the benefits of yoga, then what we have is an explosive, fitness combination. One which, in this writer's opinion, should cause fitness enthusiasts to stand up and pay attention.  


Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is in essence a series of mental, physical and spiritual exercises, that “yoke” the mind to bring it into a state of of stillness and detachment found in the underlying religious principles.

However today in America it is associated primarily as a means of posture-based physical fitness, stress relief and relaxation techniques. Like basketball, the physical and mental benefits are tremendous.   

With high marks and recommendations from top sources such as Johns Hopkins  and American Osteopathic Association, even the honest skeptic will find that it is an amazing practice. One that has several key benefits that coincide perfectly with the sport of basketball. Those are listed in brief below. 




Now we can see just a small glimpse of why these 3 NBA giants decided to create this wonder of a fitness routine. By combining the sport and the discipline, they have created a dynamic duo that is sure to put the fitness enthusiasts on the fast track to success.  


In short, what these three have accomplished is that they have together taken the sport of basketball, and the discipline of yoga, and combined it with their long-time professional experience, and created Basketball Yoga Blast. Creating a fun and easy way to work out in just 30 minutes a day.  

Taking years of experience, things they helped teach their teammates and are now working to teach the masses. All to bring you the very best in fitness programs. You can find more information by visiting their website www.basketballyogablast.com. 


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